Using Control Script PTZ Zoneminder DCS-5020L

PTZ Controls can be used from within ZoneMinder using the control script linked below. Copy the script contents into a file alongside of the other ZM Control Scripts.
PATH: /usr/share/perl5/ZoneMinder/Control

D-Link DCS-5020L Control Script

PTZ Settings:

Main: Type: Remote, Protocol: DCS5020L, Name: DCS5020L, Can Wake, Can Sleep, Can Reset
Move: Can Move, Can Move Diagonally, Can Move Mapped, Can Move Relative
Pan: Can Pan, Min Pan Step 1, Max Pan Step 30
Tilt: Can Tilt, Min Tilt Step 1, Max Pan Step 30
Presets: Has Presets, Number: 24, Has Home Preset

Note: Wake turns IR on, Sleep turns IR off, Reset turns IR to auto.

Settings for Control Tab:

Controllable, Control Type: DCS5020L, Control address: user:pass@ipaddress


  1. For PTZ control, the user/pass combination must be an administrator on the camera. A regular view-only user will not work.
  2. An unknown-quality H.264 stream available at . Haven’t worked out how to get it working in zoneminder yet.
  3. Audio is available from while the accompanying video is at
  4. The DCS-5020L script was based on the Trendnet TV-IP400W control script, available at . “use ZoneMinder::Debug qw(:all);” was replaced with “use ZoneMinder::Logger qw(:all);” for zoneminder 1.25 compatibility.


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